NeoAir Air Purifiers
Help Purify the Air Your  Baby Breathes

Neoair Pro air purifier is a high grade air purification system aimed to combat the serious challenge of indoor air pollution in homes and commercial areas.

Medical grade air sterilization system

The advanced technology embedded in the Neoair Pro aims to provide a comfortable, safe and green living space in homes, offices, hospitals, schools, nurseries or anywhere high grade air purification is needed.

Integrating various world-leading technologies the Neoair Pro progressively control all the filtration, sterilization and purification procedures. Photo-catalyst materials, ULPA filtration, strong UVC (Ultraviolet light C) wave band are given full response and activation, through which several viruses, bacteria and molds spores are thoroughly killed while fine fibers, allergens, pollutants and foul odors are efficiently filtered.


  • Auto Air Quality sensor
  • Ultraviolet C sterilization technology
  • Washable pre filter
  • 2 ULPA filters (Ultra Low Penetration Air) Efficient 99.99% at 0.12 micron
  • Activated Carbon Media
  • Air Pollution Detection Sensor
  • Remote controller
  • Full LCD screen
  • 360 degree orientation

How it works:

Ultraviolet C sterilization technology

By employing the world leading ultraviolet C sterilization technology, and radiation of powerful ultraviolet light C generated by specially designed high efficient, high strength and long service band C ultraviolet generator, most bacteria and viruses and other morbid substances are killed almost instantly.
Washable Pre-filter

Washable Pre-filter has been designer to purify the air from macro particles and to protect the life of the sensible Ultra Low penetration filters (ULPA).

ULPA filtration system

ULPA stands for Ultra Low Penetration Air and is used in modern clean-rooms. The capability of the ULPA filters drastically outperforms those of the standard HEPA filter. By employing ULPA filtration technology even the finest particles and allergens are filtered and absorbed from the airflow delivering crispier and cleaner air wherever is needed.

Activated Carbon Media

Designed to catalyze and decompose more than 90% harmful gas like formaldehyde, H2S, NH3. Activated carbon is also excellent against foul odors, including cigarette smoke.

Technical Specifications:

  • ULPA Purification Rate: >99.99%
  • Airflow: 70m3/h(L),150m3/h(M) 210 m3/h(H)
  • 3 fan speed settings
  • Auto timer control
  • Air quality sensor
  • Dimension:360x180x500 mm
  • Rated power: 60W
  • Noise level: 30-44dB
  • ULPA working life: 24 months (8 hours everyday)
  • UV light life time: 6000 H
  • Input voltage:100V-240V
  • Approvals: ISO9002, CE Certified

Box Includes:

  • Neoair Pro Air Purifier with Filters
  • Instructional Manual
  • Warranty card


2 Years Manufacturer Warranty:

Your Neoair Pro is fully warranted by the manufacturer to be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal residential use for two years from the date of purchase. In the remote case of any sort of malfunction Neoair industries will replace the air purifier with a brand new unit.



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