NeoAir Air Purifiers
Help Purify the Air Your  Baby Breathes

The multitude of features combined with latest air filtration technologies make the Neoair PLUS an excellent and powerful residential air purifier.

A built-in air quality monitoring sensor has been strategically integrated to detect the severity and concentration of indoor air pollutants. As the pollution level increase in the room, this monitoring system automatically adjusts the fan speed to purify the air dynamically, insuring the highest level of air quality.

This display shows the current level of air pollution in the room.

If manual operation is desired, you will be able to select the fan speed manually. You can select Low, Medium and High speed mode.

Automatic - Optimize airflow speed according to the air pollution level detected in the room.
Manual - In this mode, you can manually adjust the different airflow speeds.

This sensor has been intelligently embedded to make sure your air purifier is always operating at its best. When arrives the time to replace the filter kit this sensor lights up

Another excellent feature of this model is the time management operation control. This function lets you program in advance when the device will have to shot off. You can select 2/4/8 hour operations.

The lighted icon displays the ionic generating function of the unit. When the light is OFF no Ions are produced.


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