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I was very eager to get my hands on this product after reading several articles about this company revolutionary O.F.S. filter technology.

When I received the demo unit for this review, I was very impressed by the craftsmanship of this air purifier and for the multitude of features it comes packed with: remote control, pollution monitoring, a filter replacement indicator etc… It is really impressive for a unit that retails for less than 200 dollars.


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The unit design is just gorgeous and extremely sharp
. The size is really compact and very light weight. You can easily carry it with one hand thanks to the built in handle in the back of the machine

Once I set it up and give it a go, this machine is virtually noiseless at low speed, so it is perfect for bedroom use. Even at maximum speed it is very quite.

Now, how does it work? This is one of the few products out there that offers a combination of 5 air cleaning technologies in one device; each of these technologies are specially targeted to specific pollutants so that this puppy is capable of being effective against the largest spectrum of air pollutant.

First, the prescreening filter tears away large fragments of dust and dirt. Next, a HEPA filter traps great part of the tiniest particles then a carbon-activated filter absorbs odor-causing gases by grating them against rough chips of charcoal.

The exclusive O.F.S. filter technology is unique and opens new horizons in research on how to combat airborne pollution. It annihilates mold spores and airborne bacteria that get trapped within its matrix. We tested it in our office basement and I could not believe on how effective it was against the molds. And if that's not enough, the negative ionic discharger stages an airborne assault in which negative ions shoot into the air, infiltrating and destroying high-flying impurities.

The Enviro 68108 is equipped with an air pollution detection system, which is designed to monitor the indoor air state. As the levels of contaminants raises in the room it automatically regulates the fan speed to purify the air dynamically insuring the highest level of air quality. This advanced air purifier can be operated manually or automatically directly from the digital console or by a wireless remote controller.

Neoair Industries, the manufacturer of the Enviro 68108 provided me with a stockpile of independent laboratory tests that supports its efficiency.

Overall I am very impressed, it passed my cigarette test and the air of my office is crispy and clean. Also the replacement filters kit sell for just $45 dollars, a real bargain.


Independent testing and certification prove effectiveness. It covers up to 450 square feet. It is effective against pollen, dust, bacteria and molds. Comes with remote control, pollution monitoring system, and filters replacement indicator. Cheap replacement filters.The ratio price/quality is excellent.


The remote controller lacks a digital display; this makes it hard to operate certain function of the air purifiers from distance. I wish it would come with more than three speeds options. Other than that these is a great buy.

Reviewed by Robert J. Kelly (N.J. USA) a customer from

The Easiest Choice !!!!!!!!, March 3, 2006

Air Cleaners..Dozens to choose from! I consider myself somewhat of a gadget freak and air freak, so I'm well versed in these products.. I own "Hunter", "Holmes", and "Air-Tech" units..Ranging from "hepa" to "ionic". From $30.00 to $200 ++. This unit has it all..Its compact, quiet, efficient, effective, and attractive..Plus it has additonal features of being automatic (it adjusts speed to degree of contaminants) and bacteriostatic (kills mold and mildew spores). Its got the price and features..and has proved reliable for the past 4 months I've owned it... Its been the best choice I've made in these products.

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