NeoAir Air Purifiers
Neoair  Enviro Home and Office Air Purifier

Neoair Enviro is an all-in-one air purifier that delivers multiple air cleaning technologies in one compact device for home or office use. Learn More
Neoair Marine Boat  Air Purifier

Neoair Enviro Plus is more powerful than ever. The SuperHepa incorporates twice as much filter making it more efficient.
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Neoair BabyAir Baby Air Purifier

Neoair BabyAir air purifier is the best choice for a healthy nursery as it works very quietly to let your baby sleep more comfortably
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Neoair Marine Boat  Air Purifier

Neoair Marine for boats and yachts makes it possible to drastically reduce mold, mildew and odors in the cabins of any boat or vessel.
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Air Pollution Poll
Do you believe that the air quality
in your home is more polluted than outdoors?
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Neoair Enviro air purifier with O.F.S. sterilization technology proven to be highly effective against molds
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