NeoAir Air Purifiers

Neoair Industries is currently a privately held company backed by several private and corporate investors and certain funds associated with Bank of America. Initial funding was secured in the fourth quarter of the 1999 fiscal year from funding members. Our corporation secured additional funding in the third quarter, 2002 from our original backers and with new investment funds from two international groups. More recently, An.s.e.r. Srl has joined the list of Neoair Industries backers as a partner providing corporate financial funds and services. In the past years our North American, European and South American operations have been successful in generating revenue through multiple sources, primarily manufacturing, distributing and marketing premium air purification technologies. On the third quarter of 2004 Neoair created and opened a new e-business and e-logistic division in order to cope with the increasing demand of e-distribution for its line of products. Currently the e-business department serves only the North American market.

Neoair Industries plan to tender an Initial Public Offering (IPO), but a date has not been set. You may be interested in periodically visiting Web sites which track pre- and post-IPOs. We also invite you to register on our Web site to receive email updates of upcoming events and the latest news about Neoair Industries.


Neoair Industries