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1444 Biscayne Boulevard suite 218
Miami , FL 33132 USA
Toll Free: 1888-6NEOAIR
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Our goal is to provide a cost effective solution to the problem of indoor air quality as well as to educate the world on the dangers of indoor airborne contaminants.

Top-quality research and development facilities are designed to compete in a dynamic industry where the need to bring innovative and effective technologies is the key business driver. By consistently cultivating close links with the world of environmental protection, Neoair Industries has acquired genuine legitimacy in this field in terms of performance and reliability, enabling us to develop one of the most advanced home air purification system ever build.

The ground-breaking technologies Neoair products offer are for people who don't want to compromise their physical condition and well-being.

Neoair Industries’ headquarters, logistic facilities and the main distribution hub for North, Central and South America are located in Miami, Florida, USA.

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